Party Safe

Do(s) and Dont(s) of Chem Sex

Chemsex or high-fun – having sex under drug influence – is a dangerous activity. It's something your mom totally doesn't approve on! Depending on the drugs you take, they can often lower your inhibitions, increase pleasure and stimulation and decrease pain or discomfort that can sometimes be experienced during sex (especially if it’s done in a long session). With this, however, come potential hazards in terms of high exposure to HIV and STIs infection as well as the damage to your physical and emotional wellbeing, including death and long-term hospitalization.

TestBKK provides the following insights you should keep in mind if you are engaged in a chem sex or any drug-taking activities:

  1. Do understand that a use of drugs might be penalized under Thai law. Keep in mind the consequence on how it will ruin your reputation, family and your future if you get caught by the police.
  2. Play with someone or people you trust, as judgment can be dramatically impaired while you are under influence of drugs. Establish a set of boundaries while you and your partner(s) are still sober, particularly about what you are and are not prepared to do sexually.
  3. Don't play too regularly, to avoid depression, weight-loss and psychological dependence. Sprinkle your sex life with some sober sex, some dating and plenty of non-sexual recreation and intimacy.
  4. Don't play too long; paranoia and hallucinations can be common on the second day awake, and they can be frightening, even dangerous sometimes if you lose perspective. Go to hospital if you feel unsafe at any time.
  5. Do not share needles, or other injecting equipment. Always ensure that you are using a new, clean needle.
  6. Don't let someone else inject you if you aren't aware of all safer injecting practices; if you’re not sure how to inject drugs safely, speak to someone you know or can trust or look for reliable information online.
  7. Get checked for STI's regularly, including HIV and hepatitis C. Chemsex puts you at higher risk for these infections. If you're HIV negative, and concerned about any HIV risks during a ChemSex episode you did in the previous 72 hours, visit TestBKK’s clinic partners to talk about PEP, a medicine which can help protect you from becoming infected if taken within 3 days of the possible exposure.
  8. Be on PrEP. PrEP is a powerful new HIV prevention strategy where a HIV-negative person can use anti-HIV medications to reduce their risk of becoming infected if they are exposed to the virus. If taken daily, PrEP can give you up to 96% protection of HIV infection. It’s a great tool when you forget to wear condom during the chem sex. Learn more about PrEP here.
  9. Spend your evenings/weekends/spare time differently – that will give you joy without being under influence. Have a browse through list of alternative sporting, social & recreational activities in Bangkok  that you can do on your own or with your friends.
  10. Commit to stop your habit. Find a list of support groups in Bangkok here to get a non-judgmental, safe support group that may help you out.