It doesn’t matter if you are a top, bottom or both. Staying safe by correctly using condoms and water-based lubricant remains the most effective way to protect yourself against HIV. Together, they’ll stop HIV-infected body fluids (cum or anal mucus of someone who may be HIV-positive) from coming into contact with the mucous membranes in the arse, foreskin, urethra and head of the penis of your partner(s).

Step 1: When your penis is hard, take the condom out of the wrapper carefully using your fingers (not your teeth). Squeeze the air out of the teat on the tip of the condom (if there’s one) and put it over the end of your penis. Don’t stretch it and then pull it over your penis as this’ll make it more likely to break.

Step 2: Roll it down the length of your penis – the further down it goes the less likely it’s to slip off. Put some water-based lubricant over your condom-covered penis. Put plenty of lube around his arse too. Don’t put any lube on your penis before you put the condom on, as this can make it slip off.
Step 3: Check the condom occasionally while fucking to ensure it hasn’t come off or split. If you fuck for a long time you’ll need to keep applying more lube. When you pull out, hold on to the base, so that the entire condom come off while it’s still hard.
Reasons why condoms may fail include:
  • Not knowing how to put on a condom

  • Unrolling the condom before putting it on your penis

  • Using oil-based lube including some creams, body lotions or shampoo

  • Using lube in the wrong places (i.e., on your penis before putting on the condom or not putting lube up and around his arse)

  • Having a long session using the same condom

  • Using an expired condom (always check the expiry date on the package)

  • Using the wrong size of condoms


Most testing clinics will provide condoms when you go for a HIV test. You can also purchase condoms at any supermarket (Big C or Tops), chemist or convenience store. The safe play pack ( Party Pack )