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HIV Self-Testing (English)

It’s a toolkit where a person collects his or her own specimen (oral fluid or blood) and then performs an HIV test and interprets the result, often in a private setting, either alone or with someone he or she trusts. If the result test positive, that person must verify with the clinic or hospital again to confirm the result.

There are 2 kinds; Oral fluid and blood.

For the testkit that uses oral fluid will be more suitable for people who afraid of blood or needle. And for the blood test, the person will use just only a drop of blood from the tip of a finger. The equipment will be a bit different but it is safe and convenient. Suitable for people who doesn’t have time or afraid of the doctor.

For anyone who would like to know their preliminary HIV status, however, a confirmation from the clinic or hospital is still needed to verify the result. For people who like to party or hook up, this is the perfect tool because it is easy and will be easily accessible through pharmacy in the near future. So that you could be confident for yourself and your loved ones.

Non-reactive meaning that the toolkit could not detect HIV but if you have sexual intercourse within these 3 months, then there is a window period where the device could not detect. You need to have another test in the next 3 months.

Reactive, meaning that the toolkit could detect HIV, but keep in mind that this is only a preliminary result and you need to verify the result with a clinic or hospital and consult with an expert. You can see our list of partner clinics or hospitals here.

This is the first HIV Self-Testing kit that was approved by the Thai FDA. Easy to use and able to give out fast result in just 1 minute. Also, approved by Health Canada, CE, and WHO Pre-Qualified. You can order Insti at the link below.

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HIV Self-Testing may be not suitable for people who are on PrEP. If you are planning to take PrEP, you can go through our clinic and hospital partners where you can have consultation and blood test. You can see our partner clinics and hospitals here

Starting from preparation

  • Make sure that the toolkit is within the expire date.
  • If the toolkit comes with a problem, please check with your local seller.
  • User should read the manual thoroughly and should be careful of the limitation.

Just a pinch on your tip of a fingerTesting the result

HIV Self Testing Insti