Recovery position

When you see someone unconscious, don’t panic. You can check by watching out for the signs. Pale or bluish skin and snoring or difficulty with breathing. If the person is not breathing, you can contact 1669 (free on all carriers) for the emergency ambulance right away. If the person is still breathing but is unconscious you should prepare the person in recovery position and wait for medical professionals.

What is the recovery position?

The recovery position is a position that protects the person in danger. By preventing things from blocking the windpipe like saliva or tongue.  

You can following these procedure for the recovery position

  • Put them in a face up position, and you kneel beside the patient. Stretch their legs straight and place their arms as if they are waving.
  • Place the other arm across their chest and hold their hand against their cheek.
  • Lift up the knee that is furthest from you then turn them on their side by having the knee that was lifted earlier on your side. Continue to hold their hand in place.
  • Hold their head and put their chin up so that their airway is clear. Put your hand beneath their cheek and bend their knee a little bit.
  • Check that they are still breathing. If they wake up, don’t give them anything to eat or drink.

  • You need to stay with the patient until the ambulance arrives, just to be safe.