Counselling and Support for Drug Usage

testBKK have gathered all the information of help, support, rehabilitation center and consultation for alcohol and drug usage in Bangkok metropolitan.

Mental health and drug user hotline

If you have mental health or drug abuse, don’t keep it to yourself, talk to someone about it. It could be anything, ranging from mental health issues like suicide thoughts or stress to consultation on your personal health. These hotlines are free and will be confidential.

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Harm reduction centers

Harm reduction center, provides harm reduction from drug related health issue services like providing sterile needles. If you have a plan to reduce or stop using drugs and want to build capacity, these centers could help you. You will be safe and receive friendly service and supporting voices from the staff.

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Rehabilitation center for drug users

If you are looking to rehabilitate, there are many facilities that are ready to support you on reducing and quitting using drugs. There are both OPD and IPD options, and the service ranges from drug withdrawal, rehabilitation and follow-up.

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