There is no such thing as a safe hi-fun session. Health and safety risks are difficult to avoid when you combine sexual activity with recreational drugs. If you are planning a hi-fun session or party with someone else, testBKK has some guidelines you should keep in mind to reduce the risks.

Having a friend whom you can trust in the session you’re hosting is a good idea so that you and your friend can watch each other’s back if something goes wrong.

Avoid inviting a complete stranger to your session. If you do invite a complete stranger, having a video call beforehand or meeting him outside of your building, as opposed to letting him directly get into your door, is strongly suggested.

Understand the risk of having your valuables getting stolen. Ensure your valuables are safely hidden in a locked safe or room.

Sexual consent is about having the ability and freedom to agree to sexual activity. This is something that must be clearly established between two people before any kind of sexual act or behavior, and you can change your mind at any time.

Unfortunately, your judgment can be dramatically impaired while you’re under influence of drugs. Before letting anyone come to your place (if you’re hosting) or before coming to a session hosted by other people, establish a set of boundaries, particularly about what you and other people are and aren’t prepared to do sexually.

Remember: sex without consent is rape, and rape and sexual assault is a crime.

If you don’t know how to tell the other person, you could show this song as a message of you not willing to have sexual intercourse.

If you’re hosting, it’s your responsibility to ensure that no one in your session is being forced to do something that he does not want to.

There is no such thing as a safe amount of drug use, and different people have different tolerance levels for different drugs. Always set a limit on the number of drugs you take in a session.

If you take G

  1. It’s easy to take too much of G. The difference between a dose that gives a pleasurable effect and one that lands you in a hospital is very very minimal. Dosage intervals and results vary from person to person. We suggest your dose to be 1ml and only re-dose within an hour interval. Use a syringe to track your dose. Go slow, build up or STOP if you are uncertain. To ensure that you’re on track with a time interval, use the timer on your phone.

  2. As you are mixing your G with a drink, make sure that the bottle, the glass or the can you use is easily distinguishable from other bottles or can in the room. The last thing you want is gulping a bottle that contains G while you think it’s just a regular soft drink.

If you take ICE:

The more you take ice the more you’d stay awake and be prone to paranoia and/or hallucination. And you certainly don’t wanna keep awake at night before a working/studying day.

High doses and frequent heavy use of ice, which prevents you from getting enough sleep may cause psychosis. It’s not fun and it consists of things like paranoid delusions, hallucinations and potentially, aggressive behavior. Symptoms will usually disappear a few days after the use of the drug has ceased.

To avoid overdose and other serious health complications to your body, never ever mix your drug with alcohol, other kinds of recreational drugs and/or sex-enhancing drugs such as viagra.


Go to “Alcohol and Drugs” section to see the list of possible fatal chemical interaction from mixing various substances, including recreational drugs and HIV medication.

There is no such thing as safe duration in engaging in a hi-fun session. Set a limit of how long you will engage in a session. Try to keep it less than 8 hours. Set an alarm and/or ask your sober friend to call/come over to remind you to stop the session (if you’re hosting) or leave from a session (if you’re a guest) at the designated time.

Recreational drugs often delay exhaustion. Take regular breaks.

Long fuck sessions can cause condoms to break, and while being on drugs, it can really wreck your body and sometimes even push past your limits and boundaries.

Bareback fucking, fisting and sharing needles, snorting straws, dildos and douche kits can put you at high risk of getting HIV and STI, such as Hepatitis C, gonorrhea and syphilis.

During the session, you can reduce risk by:

  • Using condoms and water-based lubes for fucking or getting fucked

  • Wearing new condoms every time you change fucking partner

  • Using sterile syringes and needles when slamming and not sharing it with other people

  • Wrapping dildos with a new condom every time they are used

  • Using your own straw when snorting drugs

  • Using clean gloves when fisting and getting fisted

If you’ve engaged in a hi-fun session more than once in the past month, we advise you to be on PrEP. However, note that PrEP still won’t protect you from STI transmission.

If you think you’re exposed to HIV during a hi-fun session, visit hospital’s emergency unit or testBKK’s clinic partners to talk about PEP, a medicine which can help prevent you from becoming infected if taken within three days of the possible exposure.

It’s always good to carry a pill or two with you when you’re planning a night out, whether or not you have a hi-fun plan.

If you happen to miss your daily dose and realize it on the same day, you can take your pill as soon as you remember it.


If you don’t remember until the next day, there’s no need to take two pills simultaneously or to change the timing of your next dose. Simply take your daily tablet as you would usually and make sure you don’t forget it again on the following day.

It’s always good to carry a pill or two with you when you’re planning a night out, whether or not you have a hi-fun plan.


If you do miss a dose, don’t panic! Unless your healthcare provider tells you otherwise, take the medicine you missed as soon as you realize you skipped it. But if your next treatment is due within 2 hours or less, don’t take the missed dose and instead just continue on your regular medication schedule. Don’t take a double dose of a medicine to make up for a missed dose.

The comedown effect, such as feeling anxious, depressed, and exhausted, will happen after you finish the session. These feelings will pass in time, especially if you have a recovery day or two to cope with the comedown. Spend it by taking a rest, getting enough sleep, watching movies or listening to music, eating nutritious food, and having the company of your good buddies.


If the gloomy feeling still lingers after your recovery day, doing exercise will help to bring back your good mood.

It’s common for people who use ice or other stimulants to have difficulties sleeping when they end the session. When you think you’re still wired, you should NOT force yourself to fall asleep by taking sedative medication such as benzodiazepines. Xanax and Valium are the brand examples of this medication.

The interaction between benzodiazepines and ice can be dangerous to your body. Additionally, people who often engage in chemsex sessions and regularly take benzodiazepines at the end of the session end up having a dependency on benzodiazepines as well.


Let your body fall asleep naturally. Freshen up. Take shower. Fill your tummy with food. Lie down on your bed with a dimmed light. Listen to soothing music. If you want to be able to sleep in the evening, you must then stop your session in the afternoon before it.

Yes, you should. Some STIs have no symptoms at all. That’s why regular sexual health check-ups, including HIV testing, every 1 to 3 months – depending on how often you engage in a hi-fun session, are really important for you.

You can now book online the STI/HIV testing with testBKK’s clinic partners across Thailand by clicking here.

By booking your appointment in advance, you won’t have to queue anymore. The test will surely be quick, confidential, and anonymous, and at an affordable price – if not free.


Disclaimer: The information given by testBKK on this page is not medical advice and should not be relied upon in that way. Consult with your doctor to learn more.

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